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About us - The Kiara Story

This is the story of how the Kiara brand came into existence.

My name is Ellie. Since I was very young, I always wanted to have a German Shepherd - my dream dog. It took many years, until that dream became reality. I often wondered from which breeding kennel I would buy her (I wanted a female show line German shepherd), never expecting, that I would meet my dream dog in a completely different way.

One day, when I was working as a dog & cat groomer, a colleague of mine told me about a German Shepherd that was brought to a vet clinic to be put down. The vet refused to do it and kept her in the clinic tied up for 2 weeks before I got to know about her.

I went immediately to the vet to meet her. It was love at first sight and yes, she was exactly the dog I imagined to have.

She was about a year old, skinny, but full of life.

I named her Kiara. She lived with me for the next 11 years until her heart, lungs and kidneys started to give up. 

The night before she passed to the other side, I sat with her, with her head on my lap, holding her and telling her, that I loved her.

I knew her time has come 2 weeks before she passed. She had become suddenly quiet and was arching her back in a weird way. A trip to the vet, confirmed that she didn't have much time left. So I gave her the best I could in those 2 weeks.

Kiara was an exceptional dog. Although I had so many other dogs before and after her, she still is my dream dog. She loved dog shows and loved to show off and would always behave differently at a dog event. 

When we went out for a normal walk and I would throw the ball, she would run, pick it and go with it somewhere and then drop it. But at a dog show, she would run, bring the ball back to me and drop it for me to throw it again. She loved to show off in front of others.

It is because of this behavior of hers, that she got 1st place in female German Shepherds and 1st place in Amateur Dog Agility. I never trained her for agility, but she loved tunnels and jumps and to show off!

Kiara was famous as The Dog Boss in the family. She was always the Boss of all other dogs and she would act bossy even with people. 

The only person she would listen to, was me. When someone else would command her to do something, she would act like she didn't hear anything and simply ignore the person. According to her, she was second position in the hierarchy after me.

I always wanted to dedicate something special to her and this is why, the name of this brand and the logo are dedicated to her - my Kiara.

 I had changed professions and became a personal fitness trainer for the next 10 years and always wanted more colorful sport and street wear clothing. I was never the type who likes simple plain colored clothing. The minimalistic designs were never my thing. Colors, patterns, flowers, long as it is colorful and loud, it is always welcome. That is the reason why most of my designs are very colorful.

 I thought, why not combine the love for cool clothing with the love for animals? A brand that will make people happy and help animals in need just like her?

This is how the idea and the brand came to life.

I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I do.

I had never imagined that my best dog would be an adopted, rescued dog.

In her memory, I dedicate this brand, that will contribute to other animals in need, just like her. From each item sold, percentage of the profits will go monthly to support charities, shelters and animals in need, all over the world. I hope this brand will make a difference and being able to help other animals just like Kiara. 

 All animals deserve love, a good life and a happy home. 

 Kiara stands for love and support for animals.